Finn Sailing; Soup to Nuts

and, it helps to be nuts!!

Finn sailing wisdom for everyone -- beginner, club, and master level sailors.
Even the highest level Finn sailors will find important reminders here.

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Finn Sailing Organization and annotation by Gus Miller with images from numerous clinics and regattas. Website development and clinics in 2006 at West Palm Beach and ABYC were supported in part by a grant from the US Finn Foundation. Thanks to all who participated in these learning adventures. All images copyright Jan Walker 2004-2006. All rights reserved. Click to see Jan's regatta stories for Finns and other classes.
Introduction Finn class culture, who sails Finns, how to learn
Rigging Up Boom, wind indicator, mast step, main sheet block
Safety Keepers, bungee returns, halyard stowage, gear, capsize recovery, avoiding injury
Sail Controls Mast bend, main sheet, outhaul, inhaul, cunningham, traveler
Description of sail control videos Mast bend, outhaul, inhaul, cunningham
Sail Trim Beating, pinching, inversion, sheeting, traveler, reaching, running
Boat Handling Heeling, tacking, gybing, handling line, hiking, steering, waves
Rules of Thumb Traveler, measurements, concentration